Swimming Pool Construction


Stripping of grass


Indian River Pools always strips grass and organic materials from the pool surroundings to gain proper compaction in order to prevent future settling.


Layout and Excavation

We then lay out your pool from the plans using tapes and string lines to ensure the utmost accuracy. After measuring stakes are placed to show the outline of the pool, excavation begins.



Once the pool is excavated, steel rebar mat is placed for structural integrity. Now, you can begin to see how your pool is going to look.




After your pool passes inspection, it is ready to be shot with gunite, a high strength concrete mixture.


Backfill and Compaction

Now your pool is ready for backfill. The void between your pool shell and existing ground will be backfilled with remaining soil, water washed in and tamped to 2,600 pound per square inch. This compaction allows for stable ground for your pool patio to rest on.



Once the backfill and compaction of your pool deck is complete, we plumb the pool and get ready for tile. Choose from a wide variety of tile, rock coping and water features, and we expertly install it. Now your pool starts to take shape and is ready for the concrete decking.


Forming and Pouring

the Patio Deck Now your pool is ready for the concrete patio. Once the deck is formed and poured, it is topped and stained to your desired color.


Plastering and Finishing

Your pool is almost ready for swimming. Now that you have a deck, it is time to set the equipment and finish your pool. We apply a quartz cement finish to smooth and waterproof the pool shell; then we fill it with water, put one final coat of stain on your deck and chemically balance it. Now, it's time for a swim!